What are Progressive Slots?

Are you having a hard time trying to keep the different types of Slot Machines apart from one another? An easy way of knowing the difference is well, knowing more about the types of Slot Machines in and of themselves. So, in this article we will learn about the style of Slot Machines called the Progressive Slots.

Essentially, these are just slot machines which offer a higher than normal payout known as a jackpot. The more people that play this slot, the higher the total jackpot increases, therefore making it the jackpot progressively larger until someone wins. When somebody wins, the progressive jackpot is reset to a pre-determined limit.

Types of Progressive Slots

Stand Alone Progressive Slots

A stand alone progressive slot isn’t linked to any other slots. Instead of having a fixed top payout it takes a percentage of the credits played and adds that to the jackpot. It will normally have a digital readout that shows you the current jackpot total. In a lot of cases the payout percentage is equal to the other machines of that coin size but it just distributed differently to give you a varying amount for the jackpot. Jackpots are normally relatively small for these progressive slots.

Proprietary Progressive Slot Machines

These are a group of slots inter-linked together and owned and operated by one particular casino operator. They may be just in a single casino or linked together with other casinos owned by the same operator. Those these aren’t the largest type of progressive slots available the jackpot amounts can still be quite substantial.

Wide Area Progressive Slots Machines

These slots offer the largest jackpots. These progressive slots are linked together from many different casinos. These machines are operated by an independent operated rather than a single gaming company. Slot maker IGT is a good example and they operate games such as MegaBucks, Quatermania, and others. The casino share in a percentage of the winnings but the distributor owns the games. The Jackpots may be huge but so are your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Unfortunately because of the high cost of operating these types of networks these progressives offer the worst odds. The exception to this would be the internet progressive jackpots. Since there is no higher maintenance cost than normal for running a regular slots game since the casinos are already linked thru the software manufacturer online progressive slots can offer similar payouts to its non progressive cousin.

About Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpots at some online casinos can be more than $3,000,000!

Progressive Slot Machines play the same way that normal standard slots usually play. Often in real casinos, the progressive slot machine you are playing on is linked with several other machines in the casino. Sometimes even the ones that are connected in that casino can even be connected across to a lot of casinos. I believe that they are run by the same company, or owner or that would become rather difficult, but sometimes they are connected across several casinos.

When someone bets or plays on one of these machines, a small percentage of that bet that you or the player made is added to a Progressive Jackpot total that is now available across every machine that is connected, the Progressive Slots. The way to win the Progressive Jackpot is to spin up the right combination on your machine.

But please be warned, you aren’t the only one who is trying to win that Progressive Jackpot. Everyone contributes to the Progressive Jackpot if they are playing on the Progressive style slots. The thing about this game is that it is a very communal game, which is good because now you can communicate, and maybe become friends with the people around you, laughing and having fun. Plus, lots of people love to play to see everyone have a good time, and win the Jackpots.

There are also random Progressive Jackpots which are won at the conclusion of any game. The Jackpot is triggered at random, and is paid out no matter what denomination was paid. Random Progressive Jackpots are added to your other wins. So you make more of a progress in your winnings that way.

I would not play this game if you are really into wanting to win that Jackpot, because you just might get aggravated and mad if you keep seeing people win that Jackpot. Especially if they had just started playing at the Progressive Slots a while after you. But you can’t help that fact because all the sequences that pull up on your screen come from the RNG, Random Number Generator computer chip that is in your Progressive Slot Machine. So, there is no need to get frustrated if you start losing, it isn’t your fault it isn’t there fault that they won. It’s just your Progressive Slot machine that didn’t pull up the right combination for you.

Today, online slots are available in many different formats including different themes, bonus slots, free spins, online slot tournaments, 5 and 3 reel video slots and progressive slot games. Progressive online slot games present a very exciting form of entertainment. If you are the one to hit the jackpot …

So, by now you know a little bit more about the Progressive Slots to know whether or not you would like to play this slot machine at your local casino, or just pass if up to play another one of the great slot machines that are available at the casino that you go to.

Slot Machine Strategies and Tips

Basic Strategy

Most people think that slots is just a game of random chance. It is easy to see how folks could get this idea into their heads, but let’s remember that modern slots are run by computer processors, not gerbils running on a wheel. Payouts are run almost on a sort of schedule. The key to winning at slots is being in the right place, at the right time, and in the right moment in that machines schedule. This is not as hard as it may sound. There are nine things you can do to increase your chances of winning at a slot machine.

1. Seek out the highest payout possible. This piece of advice may fall into the category of “Duh”, but many players disregard this truism. There can be a difference of 10% or more in the payback percentage offered by the same slot machine located in a casino in Detroit versus a casino in Las Vegas. The player will fare much better in a place where the general payback percentages are greater;

2. Seek out the higher pay machines. These machines will generally be located in high visibility areas. The reason for this placement is so that folks will notice the machine paying off and be inclined to try their own luck. You may well find the loosest slots in the places where they can be seen by like an elevated carousel. This does not mean that all the machines on a carousel are loose. Slot managers being the cagey S.O.B.’s that they are usually mix their tight slots in the same carousel as their loose slots;

3. Join the player’s club and always use your player’s card. Membership has its privileges, unfortunately these advantages to not manifest themselves at the slot machine. You will win or lose just like a non-member, but the card may help you get some of your money back. Many casinos offer a “cashback” program that gives the player back a percentage of their total play. Additionally, all casinos offer comps. Take advantage of these offers, join the player’s club and always use your card.

4. Cheapskates are rarely rewarded at the slot machine. Play the maximum number of coins at all times: Payback percentages are calculated to include the jackpot amounts. It is almost a rule that Jackpots are only paid on maximum coin pulls.

5. Seek out single payline machines. These machines are less expensive to play. Your money will last longer, and your chances of winning a big jackpot, will be greater on a single payline machine;

6. Stick to two coin or three coin machines. This will help you stretch out your bankroll, and increase your chances of running into a jackpot.

7. Never walk into the casino with having a money management and playing strategy set up.

8. Things with the word “progressive” in them are usually a bad idea and will cost you money in the end. Payouts on progressives are much lower than on regular slot machines.

9. Stick to the budget you have set up to play. If you have decided to play only $200, put that money in one cup. Put your winnings in a separate cup. When the $200 cup is empty, go home with the winnings in your other cup. Your winnings should not inflate the original budget you have set up. If you gamble with your winnings you will probably just give it all back to the casino.

More Slots Strategies

Have you ever wondered how to get better at Slot Machines? Ever wanted to know some simple tips on how to play? Well here I have compiled a list of some tips that might help you out when you are playing those Slot Machines at the casino.

We all know that most people go to the casinos to make a little bit of money on the side, but the most important tip that I or anybody else would have given you is that you have to have to have fun. If you don’t have fun while you are playing Slot Machines, it isn’t a good thing. Getting frustrated can get you to “go tilt” or in other words lose your cool and start betting (and losing) a lot of money.

You should quit once you start getting mad because you will almost always end up losing when you aren’t thinking clearly. Cut your loses, pretend you are starting at even the next day and play like you normally would. We all think that we’re due for a win. So don’t go off the deep end like “Damn it! I lost 13 straight spins! I know I’ll hit the payline this time. I’m going to bet $50. Crap!”

Streaky Slot Machines

Hot Streaks

First off you have to know about hot or cold streaks. In my experience, all slot machines go through hot and cold spells. Usually, I will categorize it a hot streak if the paylines hit for 2 times your bet or more five times during a 20 spin cycle. Recognizing and anticipating when these hot streak are going to start or have started will end up winning you a lot of money. Its risky, but there are signs you can pick up that it is coming. They are subtle hints that are hard to pick up.

What I am basing this off of is the primary approach that I go about playing. I like to do hundreds of spins to give myself as large of a sample as possible. This gives you a feel for how often things occur and when you should be expecting to see them again. Here are some examples:

Most video slots that I’ve played with bonus rounds, you should expect the bonus round to be achieved every 100-200 spins. If it has been longer than 200 spins, then you will want to bump up your bet and you should be rewarded soon. I’ve had the feeling so many times and been one or two spins away from bumping up the bet only to have a large win happen. Free spins are very similar, but will happen less often than the bonus round most of the time.

Another thing to watch for is how often large paylines hit. On average, I see a 10 times the bet winner every 50 to 100 spins. I see a 20 times the bet winner every 100 to 200 spins. I see larger than 20 times the bet winners happen about once every 500 spins and the jackpots (for non-progressive slots) usually hit about one in 5000-10000 spins.

Cold Streaks

Likewise, I’ve seen some cold streaks that last more than 30 spins without getting a winning bet. The best way to spot these trends is that they will usually start out with five or more spins that do not hit on any payline, followed by scattered small payline wins that don’t equal your initial bet. If you spot this in advanced, you can go down to the minimum or next to the lowest coin size allowed. Then spin, spin, spin until you see the reels come back to life.

Adjusting your bets accordingly during hot and cold streaks is one of the ways I’ve actually made money playing slots. You strike when the iron is hot and you back way off when the slots are empty.

Auto Spins

This is also a middle ground where action is happening, but not consistently. Usually I have found that during these spells you will not lose a lot of money relative to the size of the bet you are making. During these times, I like to set up the autospins feature (if available) to bet the largest bet that I am comfortable betting. then I give the autospins program some parameters.

Here are the things I want the auto spins to stop for: If I lose more than X amount of dollars, if I gain X amount of dollars and if a single spin wins more than X amount of dollars. These are important because they all say something about how things have progressed. A large winning payline doesn’t happen all the time; therefore I want to know when it happens. If I’m betting $1 per spin and I’ve lost more than $50 over a hundred to two hundred spins, I’m going to know that something is coming soon.

Random Number Generator

But what about the Random Number Generator? Aren’t you just blowing hot air with your strategies?

Yes, a RNG randomly selects all the symbols you are going to get. It creates a thousand different combinations every second. But these machines also have other chips built into them and those are programmed to make sure that a machine is not taking too much money or paying out too much money. Therefore, if the RNG is about to do a jackpot hit the program can manually decide whether or not to let it happen.

It can also make sure that large wins are randomly done every so many spins more or less. That doesn’t mean that it has to do this. You can go 500 or more spins without a bonus round or free spins when the average should be 100-200 spins.

All I’m saying is that there definitely are patterns that you can pick up on and I have won money doing it this way. I’ve also lost money trying to do what I described before. There is no magic bullet or guaranteed way of winning. Being attentive to what has happened and anticipating what will happen next is one of the only ways to win in the long run with slots.

Everyone wishes they could have a time machine that would take them back 5 seconds in the past. Bet it all right now! But then the casinos would start banning people who were winning unexpectedly.

Managing your Money while Playing Slots

Use Money Management at the Machines

Everything requires control of the money we use to invest in the outcome of these contests. The games themselves are just the objects that we invest our money in. The games themselves are just the objects that we invest our money in: or have I said that sentence before? Must be important!

My book on slots has over thirty systems in it. Big deal, they are worthless unless you follow the rules of how to handle your money. I ain’t got room to put all of the slot systems in this book, so I’ll show you how to use money management at the machines and then list three or four methods to apply these measures.

Praying Is Optional

When it comes to knowledge of the game, there isn’t much to know about slots, except the quite obvious:

1. You’re gonna play them regardless of what you hear

2.The vig is anywhere from 7 percent to 14 percent against you and much, much, much worse in riverboats and in casinos not controlled by legislation that requires a certain percentage payback

3. You’re intimidated by table games and nobody can accuse you of “fouling up” at the slots.

All of those things bring a nod of agreement from most of you, but let me give you some thoughts of my own that maybe you’re not aware of:

1. Every single gambling endeavor requires money management

2. Slot machines and video poker machines should be approached with a money management method

Yeah, I know, slots are strictly inserting a coin and pulling a handle. Praying is optional. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Machines, just like a spinning roulette wheel, a pair of ivory dice, and pieces of paper with numbers and symbols on them called cards, are also objects without thoughts, ideas, or feelings (a lot like some people I know).

Welcome to the World of Reality

Years ago, the slot machines operated on a system of random stops. You put in your nickel (yeah, I said nickel) for the big bettors and pennies for us average guys and had a decent shot at a return – called luck.

Today the machines are controlled by computer chips which the geniuses of the world were so kind to make available to the casinos – to make sure the patrons didn’t overstep their chances of getting a couple of jackpots during their trip to the slots.

The chip makes sure the machine makes money for the – you guessed it, the casinos.

How many times have you put in three coins and zeroed in on that center line, which is your payoff signal. Three blanks appear. One line up is three red 7s and the line below the payoff line has two triple payoff symbols and a triple bar.

Welcome to the world of reality. But you’re gonna play the slots anyway.

Money Management

Playing slots either online or at the casino is serious business. In no time at all, you can lose a lot of money playing a slot machine. Slot machines usually have the highest (or worst) house advantage. But there are things that you can do to manage your money and have a good time.

Why should you start managing your money when you start to go to the casino? Is it worth all the time and energy to make one? The answers are because you want to pay your mortgage at the end of the month, and yes it is definitely worth all the time and energy to make a budget.

First any form of gambling is highly addictive to certain people. Either you get on a roll and crash back down to earth and you end up chasing your dream again, or you’re just going to win your money back.

One of these times I’m bound to hit it and then I’ll stop. So you may or may not realize how much money you have won or lost over the month, or even years. By the end of the month who knows if you will have enough money to pay for the mortgage, or the bills, or things that your family needs, if you let it get that far.

That’s one reason why you should set up a monthly or a weekly budget that you can afford to lose playing slots or any form of gambling you like. If you set up a certain percentage of your paychecks every time they come in like from the extras that you don’t need to pay for the bills, mortgage, or anything else you need to pay down on. Plus you should always still put some up for your bank accounts for emergencies. You should never play with that much money in the first place, but only an allowance amount of money.

Even though the goal is to win money, and there are plenty of people out there who do, you have to take care of business first before you gamble with your money.

Well, another part of money management should be making of a spreadsheet, or some other form of excel spreadsheet, or something that you can view how much your allowance.

You should also show how much you have won on a certain date, and you should also show how much you have lost on a certain date. You should start whatever you are documenting your budget with, and at the end of the month you should show the money you have left from your allowance.

You will then be able to see if you took a win or a loss, and by how much that win or lose in your money were. You should add your allowance to your budget every month so that you can see your progress and what happened every time at the casino. That way you can get a better idea of the type of gambling you do at the slot machines.

Let’s say at the end of like three months you were to look at your budget sheets. Have you lost all your money? If so it might be time to reevaluate how much your allowance is and how much you should be playing at the slots.

If you discover that you have a gambling problem there are hotlines, support groups, and different ways for you to get some help. Sorry to those who don’t but you might discover a thing or two about your gambling budget after you take the time to look at three plus months of your gambling budget.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on how to budget your money between personal and essentials. We have talked about setting up an allowance to gamble with, and developing a three month budget worksheet which you can continue for as long as you wish.

How to Play a Slot Machine

As simple as this sounds, I find that most people that go to casinos either real or virtual and do not like playing video slots because of one of three reasons. One is that they just don’t like the concept. I’m not going to change those people’s minds. The second group don’t want to play because they automatically think they are going to lose. This is true for anything you don’t know how to do well. There are slot machine strategies that you can use and actually win money playing slots.

The last group is what I think is the most common group of people. They simple do not know how to play, don’t get what the objective is or how to win. In fact, slot machines are designed to be very easy to use. The casinos make it as easy as possible for even a novice to do. Of course, you should be good at something if you expect to win, but here are some of the basics when it comes to slot machines.

Slot Machine Basics

The basic slot machines rules of playing slots could hardly be easier; you deposit a coin, or coins, pull the lever, and compare the results to the machine’s payout schedule. There are decisions to be made about which slot machines to play and how much to play in them; selecting wisely will help increase your winnings.

It is generally best to play the maximum permitted number of coins because often, by playing fewer coins you sacrifice a percentage of the payback. If you can’t afford to play five coins in a $5 machine, play the quarter or nickel machines. Do note that some machines pay on a flat schedule where if you win with one coin, you receive your coin wagered plus one coin, if you win with five coins, you receive your five coins wagered plus five coins more. With such a machine, playing with fewer coins will make your money last longer and have you in the running for a jackpot on more pulls.

Slot machines with more than three reels offer bigger payouts but are considerably more difficult to win. Everybody of course wants to hit the jackpot but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of smaller wins gained over time.

Where to play Slots

First off, you need to know the different ways one can play Slot Machines. You can play slot machines at your local casino, or at the slots in Vegas, or even online if you choose not to make that trip out to a casino.

In order to play at most casinos you need to get a player card. So go into the casino that you have decided to play in, if you decided to play in a casino, and go to the promotions booth at that casino. Once you have gotten to that booth you need to fill out an application for your Player’s Card. You will then have to pick up that players card, and when you are ready to start playing the slots you will have to insert your card whenever you want to play at that machine.

Your Player’s Card is the only way that you can play at those slot machines if your casino requires you to have a player’s card. If the machine is broken, or will not accept please call over the floor host and the host will fix the problem, or if that is not possible find another machine for you to play on.

Now we will get to the actual playing of the Slot Machines, we had to cover some of the basics first. It would be wise if you memorized which machines are advantageous and how many credits you need to play those machines.

It would be advantageous if you got onto a machine that was just vacated recently and left in the advantageous condition. It would most likely be wise if you read the instructions on how to play the certain machine that you sat down to play at. That might be something that is very basic, but not everybody does it. But reading the instructions might be a difficult thing to do since casinos usually place the directions at a hard place to read them in an effort to discourage you from reading them.

Once you have read, and understand the slot machines instructions then you can insert your money. It is easier to insert bills instead of change, a lot less activity involved in that. It would be easier for you if you used a reasonably sized bill for playing, and not like a one hundred dollar bill. Imagine putting all of those one hundred dollar bills into a nickel machine. Not a very good idea.

Once you change, or bill has been entered then you are ready to play. Now depending on your machine you can either hit the spin button, or pull the lever. You will want to play as fast as you can, if the slot machine has a speed button that you can accurately use then do so now.

If you do win some money please make sure that the machine does not under pay you, because that can happen every once in a while and you do not want to be put money, right? If you were under paid there is usually a change button on your machine which lets the attendant know that you were under paid and then they can come over and rectify the mistake that was made by the machine.

Now you have a basic understanding on how to play the slot machines. So, get out there, and use your knowledge to win yourself some money.

What’s the Odds of Hitting a Jackpot in Slots?

Have you ever wondered when you pulled that reel down what your chances were of winning? First off we will explain how slot machines work before we get into a little bit about the odds.

In most video slot machine, the odds of hitting a certain payline or set of symbols is based upon how the virtual reels are set up. Each stop on an real reel may match up with more than just one stop on a virtual reel. Basically, your odds of hitting a particular winner depends on the frequency that a particular icon or symbol stops on the reels.

After you spin the reel, or to push the spin button on the machine sitting in front of you the slot machine generates a symbol to go into each row and column of the slot machine. Those symbols are chosen from a random generator that is almost constantly working at about 1000 symbols per second.

The ones chosen at the exact moment that you push or pull the spin are the ones that show up on your screen. Immediately after the numbers are chosen for your spin the outcome of your spin will be scored, and you will know if you had won or if you haven’t.

Now we will get to the more difficult ways of telling you the odds of your machine. First off you have to find out what value the machine uses. Let’s say you have one with the value of 15 to process what they call the RNG Generated Sequences the chances that the jackpot image to land in reel one is 1 in 15. Now, the odds off getting all three jackpot images in a row would be 15x15x15. That would equal up to 1 in 3,375 chances of getting all the jackpot images to appear in a row.

How you figure out the odds? Basically if the value of your machine is 15 then the chances of getting that jackpot image in that first box is 1 in 15. So, in order to figure out your odds of getting jackpot all across that row you had to times 15 by 3. So it would look like 15x15x15, and if you multiply that up it equals 3,375. So your odds of hitting that jackpot row would be one in 3,375.

In a typical weighted slot machine, the jackpot icon (the highest paying symbol) for each reel corresponds to only one virtual stop. This means your chance at receiving a jackpot symbol on a reel is 1 in 64. If you are able to play multiple paylines, you three chance to land the jackpot icon on the reel. This ends up being about a one in 22 chance of getting a jackpot on a specific reel.

In a three reel slot machine, if every reel is set up the same, your chances of hitting the jackpot symbol on all three reels is a 1 in 64 chance to the third power , or once every 262,144 spins. For machines with larger progressive jackpots, the virtual reel could have many more stops which means less odds that a jackpot item will come. This will decreases your odds of winning that jackpot significantly.

tomb-raider-jackpot Let’s do another example quick. Let’s say you had a machine with the value of 32 your chances of getting the jackpot image in one is 1 in 32. So the problem for figuring out a row of the jackpot images is 32x32x32. If you multiply that it comes out to 32,768. So now your odds of hitting the jackpot images are 1 in 32,768.

If you have a machine that pays out a larger maximum jackpot they will have a higher value number. They can be as high as 64, 256, and 512 stops. This basically means that your odds of winning are decreased even more.

The slot machine RNG, which determines the payout percentage, is regulated by the gaming department to pay out the minimum percentage of the funds that are put into that machine. Because of the irregular sequences of symbols or numbers created by the RNG, you have the same chances of winning every time you play.

So a ready to play machine is a myth due to the fact that the slot machine is controlled by a computer chip, and the only way to change your odds are switching out that chip. Which you cannot due as a customer at a casino or wherever you were to play.

I hoped this helped you determine some of your odds at hitting that jackpot spin. Good luck at the reel.

What are Slots Variations?

Slot machines, nowadays, have multiple variations that should be understood by players. People often play at the slot machines without having a clear idea on the rules of the game, and as a result, they spend their money quickly. Since there are more variations now than before, it is necessary for you to learn their differences.

Different Themes

Most online slots have themes that will certainly attract your attention. Some themes are based on TV programs or characters that are considered as favorites. Other slot machines are more general in terms of themes.

Betting Amounts

Another difference between slot machines is the money you need to bet. Most slot machines have different minimum betting amounts as well as for maximum betting. It is important that you choose the slot machine that suits your budget; otherwise, you may find yourself short of money. If you think your budget doesn’t qualify for the slot machines then don’t play.

Since you want to get a higher chance winning in the slot machines, you should check the machine that has the biggest payout. These will even the odds of you winning the jackpot.

The Number of Reels and Pay Line Differences

You should also note the number of reels in the machine – the fewer reels on the machine, the better to understand its concept. For those who want to try out the slots machine, it is better for them to try the slot machines that have fewer reels so they can understand how it is played and to hone their skills at the same time. Another difference is the pay line of each slot machine. Take note that the pay line varies for each machine.

The Different Features

Slot machines have different features that can certainly confuse the beginner. You should always know the type of slots that you want to play. There are those that are quite simple, and there are the high tech ones. Some examples of slot machines that are quite the rage nowadays are the following – Free Slots, Traditional Slots, and the Progressive Slots. The Free Slots are designed to give free games to players so they can get the hang of playing slot machines.

Of course, once you hit the jackpot, you will not win anything since you didn’t put any bet. Players will have more playing time in the slots as well as having fun. The Traditional Slot Machines have three reels and a single pay line. These machines resemble the ones that were popular in the 1800s and are quite easy to comprehend. The Progressive Slots increases their jackpot for each play, and only one person can win the jackpot that sometimes reach more than a million dollars.

What’s the Difference Between All of These Variations?

The one thing that you must know is that the payout rates for the paylines on the reels is directly tied to the number of additional features that a slot game offers. If the slot that you are playing has a wild symbol, free spins feature, a bonus round, instant win feature, or any other additional winning combo that is not on a payline, this will take away from the chances that you will win a large payout on the reels.

The bonus features that are offered are fun to win. Just realize that there is a maximum cash payout for most of these features that is much lower than the jackpot for that slot machine. The bonus games often have a maximum win of around 30 to 50 times the amount of your spin. The average jackpot combination is closer to 1,000 to 5,000 times the amount you bet on the spin.

The number of paylines will also have a direct effect on the likelihood that you will hit a large payout on the reels. In general, the less paylines that are available, the greater the percentage of a large win on a payline. If you have a chance to play a 10 payline video slot, you will have a better chance to win a jackpot than you will with a 50 payline video slot.