Are you having a hard time trying to keep the different types of Slot Machines apart from one another? An easy way of knowing the difference is well, knowing more about the types of Slot Machines in and of themselves. So, in this article we will learn about the style of Slot Machines called the Progressive Slots. Essentially, these are just slot machines which offer a higher than normal payout known as a jackpot. The more people that play this slot, the higher the total jackpot increases, therefore making... read more

Basic Strategy Most people think that slots is just a game of random chance. It is easy to see how folks could get this idea into their heads, but let’s remember that modern slots are run by computer processors, not gerbils running on a wheel. Payouts are run almost on a sort of schedule. The key to winning at slots is being in the right place, at the right time, and in the right moment in that machines schedule. This is not as hard as it may sound. There... read more

Use Money Management at the Machines Everything requires control of the money we use to invest in the outcome of these contests. The games themselves are just the objects that we invest our money in. The games themselves are just the objects that we invest our money in: or have I said that sentence before? Must be important! My book on slots has over thirty systems in it. Big deal, they are worthless unless you follow the rules of how to handle your money. I ain’t got room to... read more

As simple as this sounds, I find that most people that go to casinos either real or virtual and do not like playing video slots because of one of three reasons. One is that they just don’t like the concept. I’m not going to change those people’s minds. The second group don’t want to play because they automatically think they are going to lose. This is true for anything you don’t know how to do well. There are slot machine strategies that you can use and actually win money... read more

Have you ever wondered when you pulled that reel down what your chances were of winning? First off we will explain how slot machines work before we get into a little bit about the odds. In most video slot machine, the odds of hitting a certain payline or set of symbols is based upon how the virtual reels are set up. Each stop on an real reel may match up with more than just one stop on a virtual reel. Basically, your odds of hitting a particular winner depends... read more

Slot machines, nowadays, have multiple variations that should be understood by players. People often play at the slot machines without having a clear idea on the rules of the game, and as a result, they spend their money quickly. Since there are more variations now than before, it is necessary for you to learn their differences. Different Themes Most online slots have themes that will certainly attract your attention. Some themes are based on TV programs or characters that are considered as favorites. Other slot machines are more general... read more

Bonuses in Online Casinos – How to Get Them?

In case you are a member of any of the top online casinos such as Thrills, Mr Green or Betsafe, you can get a bonus very easily. Your first deposit will entitle you to get extra money, whereas you will also be able to get rewards for your further actions.